Yesterday 328110-327732=378 memo transactions. Number of transactions📉15.1%|abc(328093-327715=378,📉15.1%),sv(718152-718052=100,📉33.8%)
Or because they were forced by patents.
Anyway, always avoid closed source software and centralized services.
It will never be 100% immediate - there will always be new nodes from which TX get ignored or delayed.
Hopefully Avalanche will help this but have not looked hard at the code yet.
I appreciate it. Look, we had to choose, we don't have any bad blood against our brothers of BCH. I wish we didn't have to split but it happened and we chose what was best for HandCash
Has Roger wrecked our sex life? "Post-Roger Sex Disorder" is real, says Dr. Craig S. Wright.
"we chose what was best for HandCash"

Time will tell. Good luck with handcash, based on the number of bugs I run into on it before the split, you'll need it.
Hi Alex - you are a real asset and I am still sad that you choose BSV. I hope you will return to BCH one day...
How will avalanche help this?
I have noticed this sometimes too. How often does it happen to you?
His most recent article is "Why the state should take my money".

The split did a lot of damage. 😢
I see many retards claim that they choose SV because they felt their roadmap is what's good for their projects.

SV does not have a roadmap, they just try to say what you want to hear until they flip narratives again
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I've completely rewritten the networking layer of ElectrumSV. It's pretty nice now, certainly compared to what it used to be:
BCH should have something similar to the HandCash app
No. It cleansed Bitcoin. Just like the BTC-BCH split did.
You are missing the point.

HandCash handles are just an ID for Cashport. P2P is a very small side feature of them. P2P is a small niche. B2B is where the money is.
Yesterday 327732-327287=445 memo transactions. Number of transactions📉10.6%|abc(327715-327270=445,📉10.5%),sv(718052-717901=151,📉12.7%)
I just ad more BCH when that happens. Works perfectly after that.
I'm just glad these forward-thinkers are staying in crypto. Productive, civil members of the SV community help everyone by providing competition and examples of good utilities/ideas
I am positive about Avalanche so we see this differently.
Or you can just return to BSV ;)
Yes, there are websites on it and is pretty easy to access them.
its stuck a long time.
Okay - time to let others have a little fun with this: is free chat for Memo users (on the BCH chain)
Inside is free chat for BCH users.
Ugliest Hack Ever.